Outdoor exhibitions 15January - 07March Exhibition: Artists with Japanese know-how: Craft techniques and spiritual elevation at the Résidence du Japon

I am pleased to present to you works by Senegalese and African artists who draw inspiration from Japanese culture, master these artisanal techniques, create in fusion with their own cultures, and demonstrate a profound attachment to Japan

This exhibition, titled ‘Artists with Japanese Know-How: Craft Techniques and Spiritual Elevation,’ is made possible through a collaboration between Aïssa Dione, globally renowned in the arts and textiles field, and Mr. Mbaye Babacar Diouf, a Senegalese artist and Karateka.

This exhibition provides an insight into the diversity of Japanese craftsmanship through the work of African artists and highlights similarities with their own. Indeed, although the exchange of artistic and cultural expertise between Japan and Africa remains limited, we believe in its great potential for promoting Japanese culture and fostering mutual understanding. Traditional know-how and artisanal techniques, after all, form the foundation of a country’s and a universal world’s history and culture.

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vernissage 1-4 : Ambassade du Japon

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