How To Display Art Now

22 October 2019

It’s time to master the prop-and-lean. After all, it’s a stylish way to get by sans nails and a drill. Whether you’re looking to dress up your dining room or add some pizazz to the front hall, enlist the help of shelving to put your favorite pieces on display. Displayed alongside books, dishware or plants, your artwork adds visual dimension and drama to an otherwise understated detail.

Okay, so this not might fly if your style is more on the traditional side, but if you’re ready to push the envelop, washi tape is the way to go. It gives you the flexibility to switch up prints, photographs and posters at a moment’s notice, and will even save you a few bucks on frames. This is a particuarly great solution for work spaces and inspiration boards. For maximum impact opt for tape in vibrant colors or funky patterns.

To fill a wall with beautiful art, head to your local salvage store to find an assortment of old frames. Give them a quick makeover by painting them the same color or coordinating color scheme, then hang them in a gallery on your wall. Using a variety of sizes creates a gathered-over-time vibe. Wide white mats unify the colorful mix of prints.

Layering art on shelves or mantles, instead of placing on the wall, makes it easy to move pieces and quickly change the look of your room.

You can mount one large piece on the wall – lean and overlap the others below it on a bookshelf or credenza – a very low fuss bohemian feel.

You can also achieve layering using various different types of framing and photo mounting methods. There are so many great ways to print your photos these days that it is quite easy to turn them into pieces of art. Layering wood prints with acrylic prints and gallery frames results in a very eclectic and interesting look.

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