Serigne Mbaye CAMARA born in Saint-Louis, Senegal in 1948, he lives and works in Dakar. Since 1996, he has combined his profession as a creator and teacher at the National School of Arts in Dakar and in universities, in particular that of Thiès, Ziguinchor, Saint-Louis; he was in turn responsible for the plastic arts, sewing and fashion cutting departments, then educational advisor at the National School of Arts in Dakar, where he began his training before leaving for France.

There he was educated at the École normale supérieure in techniques in Cachan. Serigne Mbaye Camara received the medal of knight of the national order of merit and that of the national order of arts and letters. He has participated in several group exhibitions such as the great Contemporary Art of Senegal event presented in France, Belgium and Austria in the early 1990s, in Paris at the Dapper Son Museum, his work has also been the subject of several personal exhibitions, including one, in 2002, at the Museum of Cultures (Kultuurien muséo) in Helsinki.

In 2002, he was appointed chairman of the exhibition commission within the framework of the Dakar Biennale (Dak’Art). Personal exhibitions 1994: gallery le monde de l’art, Paris 1995: gallery 39, French cultural center Dakar 2000: ephemeral gallery Montigny le tilleul (Belgium) 2002: Kulttuurien museo, Helsinki (Finland) 2007: Atiss gallery, Dakar Senegal 2011: Galerie Cercle de Craie Arnoult St Yvelines France 2012: Serigne Mbaye Camara Sculptures in the Ateliers Aissa Dionne Tissus in Rufisque as part of the 2013 Biennale: Serigne Mbaye Camara Drawings and Paintings in the house of Marie-Caroline Camara as part of the festival of jazz in Saint-Louis 2014: exhibition in the house of Marie caroline Camara within the framework of the biennial in Saint-Louis 2016: Exhibition in the house of Marie-Caroline Camara within the framework of the biennial in Saint-Louis 2018: guest of the cultural center of Thuin (Belgium) realization of a work in the hanging gardens Collective exhibitions – selection 1990 – 1992: contemporary arts from Senegal, Grande Arche de la Défense (France), Belgium and Austria 1993: le monde de art gallery, Paris Images of Africa, Copenhagen (Denmark). 1994: international creators’ fair, Paris, Routes 94, Levallois (France) 1995: Senegalese contemporary art, cultural center of Warende, Turnhout, Bruges and Mechelen (Belgium) 1996: Dakar biennial. Borg Cultural Center, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1998: Dakar Biennale (official selection) 2000: Dakar Biennale (official selection) 2000: Messengers of the Earth, Contemporary Art Space of the Xavier Bernard Agricultural College, Rouillé (France). 2001: land of imprints, Senegal, Espace d’Art, Rouillé (France) 2002: IFAN museum, Dakar. 2005: contemporary creations in Senegal. Graphic arts and sculptures, Le Manège, Dakar. 2006: Contemporary Senegal Musée Dapper (Paris) 2009: participation in the Europ ’art exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland 2009: participation in the Edit ‘art exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland 2009: participation in the Caravanserai exhibition. African influences in Casablanca in Morocco 2011: participation in the exhibition, Temps – Dialogue on contemporary art from Senegal, Montreal, Canada 2013: participation in the
exhibition organized by the kore cultural center in Mali as part of the festival of Niger. 2O13 Participation in the TGD 10 exhibition organized by the collective of visual artists of Geneva (Switzerland) at the IFAN museum Dakar, Senegal 2015: guest artist of the Dakar Biennale SENEGAL 2016: exhibition at the French Institute of Saint-Louis as part of the 2016 biennial: participation in the exhibition ‘traits pour traits organized by the ephemeral gallery in Belgium 2018: Group exhibition in the house of Marie-Caroline Camara in Saint-Louis as part of the 2019 biennial: participation at the group exhibition organized by WAX in Rixensart in Belgium.

Art Serigne Mbaye Camara
Sans Titre, 2020, Ball pen and acrylic on wood 205 X 147 cm
Selected Works
Selected Exhibitions


Resonances 12/12/2020 – 02/12/2021 Through this exhibition, Galerie Atiss Dakar wished to explore the different motivations of two artists – Elolo Bosoka and Serigne Mbaye


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