eyes east bound

13th Biennial of Cairo (2019)

10 June - 10 August, 2019
cairo, egypt

Following all the excitement and inspirations of the 2018 Dak’Art Biennial, the gallery was invited by the curator of the Biennial of Cairo to make a proposal for their forthcoming 13th edition.

The Biennial of Cairo had been suspended for the previous 13 years and the organisers wished to restart it with the inclusion of a programme on contemporary art from Africa.

In addition to those selected by the biennial organisers, gallery director Aissa Dione curated a selection of artists and their work and extended the invitation to Galerie MAM of Cameroon for the inclusion of Sanna Gateja.

For selected artists, a good number of which were present at the biennial, this was a first encounter with the Arab world, its organisation and projects, indeed one of the artist’s had dreamed of ancient Egypt all his life and visiting the pyramids and the Cairo Museum was a highlight of the trip.

Presented in beautiful, well curated spaces, the whole biennial was of a very high standard


Ngimbi Bakambana
Oumar Ball
Sanna Gateja
Hyacinthe Ouattara
Antoine Tempé
Emmanuel Tussore
Malick Welli